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Pearl CA College is also a college with a difference and has its virtue.

Qualification or getting a degree is only a gate pass to the job market, to get selected for a job you need a certain skill level. Kerala with its high literacy and large pool of graduates vis a vis low industrialization has created an environment of unemployment. The conventional education imparted in traditional colleges churns out semi baked academicians who lack market skill.

We at Pearl CA College have moved away from conventions, we focus more on *skill development along with the MG university syllabus(Finance &Taxation) that we follow. We create not graduates but market ready accountants/audit assistants or skilled graduates who are ready to take on the market challenges.

Here the students are on 3 years internship which make them market ready by the end of their graduation, he /she will have at least have 3 years of work experience when they graduate. This itself will be a head start for our students versus the traditionalists. Students are given experiences in fields like Marketing, Accounting, Auditing, SEO and HR.

The interns here are evaluated on weekly bases in order to analyse and find the best suitability of each person to a job. A crash exposure to diff job is given in order to finalize individual suitability. This is the failsafe methodology developed and practiced in this institution. (as we believe in the sidanth of “horses for courses”)

We have initiated this European way of education and we expect each one of you to utilize this opportunity and gain a head start in your career. We also give placement assistance to all our graduates at the end of course. We are on the way to make Kochi the hub for skill development and we hope you will be a part of this elite school of education.

*This is the 89th aligned course approved by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). The Assessment and Certificate is issued by SSC/NASSCOM.

Course ID - SSC/Q2301

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